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Take a Few Minutes to Properly Insure the Steiff Heirlooms You’ve Chosen So Carefully to Collect.

steiff“How can I be sure I am properly protected?”
The unique risk factors associated with Steiff Teddy Bears, animals and collectibles demand a proprietary insurance solution, one not available in the standard marketplace. More than ever, it is essential to partner with an insurance broker/carrier possessing the requisite knowledge and expertise to deliver covered outcomes consistently – when you need it most. That’s why Starkweather & Shepley Insurance and The Hanover Group have teamed together to form an exclusive Steiff Collectibles Insurance Program – for enthusiasts exactly like yourself.

Coverage specifically designed for collections like yours
Through the Hanover Group, Starkweather & Shepley Insurance offers a broad array of comprehensive coverage options for individuals and dealers alike. Our exclusive policy includes the majority of these coverages up to the specific limits – at no additional cost to you. In addition, many of these benchmark limits may be increased via endorsement to meet your specified needs.

Look closely and you’ll choose Starkweather & Shepley
Since 1972, Starkweather & Shepley has been competently assisting collectible enthusiasts across the USA. Today, in conjunction with the Hanover Group, we’ve assembled a team of professionals to underwrite, service, and provide “best-in-class” claims services – ready to serve all your collectible needs. Combine innovative product design, competitive rates, loss control best practices, and solid financials and you get a Collectibles Insurance Program that exemplifies “The Starkweather Difference.”

Learning to prevent losses saves Money
The mark of an exceptional insurance broker is their ability to assist in preventing a loss – before it happens. We communicate “best practices” ideas and practical loss control concepts to further minimize your risk – and positively impact your premium outlay, year after year.

About Starkweather & Shepley
Since 1879, Starkweather & Shepley Insurance has been re-defining the concept of “exceptional customer service” and what insureds should expect from their insurance broker.

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